We understand that there may be a question or two that we do not get to answer in our day-to-day posts. We hope that these particular questions you may have, will be answered here!

1 – How did Cookingandbeer.com get started?

To be honest, Cooking and Beer started with a totally difference concept in mind. We spent quite a long time living on opposite sides of the United States. Thus, dinners together were few and far between at best. To make up for this, we would Skype each other about once a week, simultaneously preparing a meal. It was a lot of fun and made the distance between us seem as if it did not exist. However, after we moved to Colorado, it did not make sense to Skype from the same kitchen and so we revamped our idea, focusing instead on our passions: Cooking and Beer.

2 – Who designed Cookingandbeer.com?

We have spent countless hours designing Cooking and Beer. With such a small budget, we could not afford to purchase a fancy theme or pay someone to do the design. Hence, the format that you see is all built from scratch. If you like the format, please send us a message (admin@cookingandbeer.com) and we would be more than happy to pass along the template.

3 – How much time does it take to keep the site running?

Justine spends at least 4 hours a day writing posts, cooking or baking up a storm, and research new ideas and techniques to bring to our readers. In addition to that, there are several hours spent taking and editing photos, submitting to photo sites, updating social networking sites, and so on. You can see how this quickly becomes a full time job.

4 – I am interested in starting my own (food) blog, how do I get started?

That is quite an undertaking, but, with a little hard work, you will succeed. Here are a few things that you will need to get started:

WordPress: Cooking and Beer is fully reliant on the WordPress architecture. WordPress provides a fantastic, user-friendly environment to develop posts and pages. It is turn-key right out of the box.


1 and 1: Your site will need a quality domain name. After all, how many times do you end up on a site that is something like http://mydog.bloggerworld.hostnation.com and then you immediately forget the site’s name? 1 and 1 has cheep domain names to get you started. Most of the time, you can snag a domain name for just 99 cents for the first year when you sign up for hosting. Which is the next thing that you will need, and conveniently, 1 and 1 has just what you need. To get started, we recommend the Unlimited Linux package. It is the most bang for your buck and is very reasonably priced at just $6.99 a month (after the introductory rate). This option will give you more than enough space and bandwidth to get your blog up and rolling. With more than 9 million customers already working with 1 and 1, you cannot go wrong. One caveat however, do not be tempted by their 1-click wordpress build as you will be very very limited in how you can utilize the functions in wordpress. It is worth installing your own build of wordpress so that the sky will be the limit.

Starkers: Nathan Staines provides a clean, basic, cut and dry theme for wordpress to get you going with your own design. Download his theme and you will have a world of possibilities at your fingertips. Cooking and Beer was designed from the ground up using the Starkers base.

5 – Why is your dog named “Cilantro”?

We like to ask the question, “Why not?”. Cilantro got his name because friends of Justine named there puppies Gnocchi and Basil. We decided that we just had to name our dogs after our favorite foods/ingredients. We both love cilantro (both the herb and the dog)!

6 – Why are there only 5 FAQs?

Well, technically, there are 6 including this one. However, as questions come in, we will continue to update this page to keep you informed and so that you do not lose sleep at night over these unanswered questions.